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Welcome to FPSB India
Financial Planning Standards Board India is a Public–Private Enterprise and a Professional Standards Setting body for Financial Planners in India. FPSB India proactively guides the development and promotion of standards for Financial Planning professionals to benefit and protect the public in the country. FPSB India closely works with all the stakeholders’ viz. the Government, the Regulators, the Industries/Associations, the Corporate, the Media and the General Public to achieve its objectives.
  Financial Planning in Media
   ‘CASE STUDY-SARAFs’ by Steven Fernandes, CFPCM
   ‘Billionaires, too, overspend on their credit cards’ by Harsh Roongta, CFPCM
   ‘QnA’ by Jayant Pai, CFPCM
   ‘Liquidity holds key for gold bonds scheme’ by Arnav Pandya, CFPCM
   ‘Perils of retiring at 45’ by Suresh Sadagopan, CFPCM
   ‘Curbs on redemption can cause disruptions’ by Arnav Pandya, CFPCM
   ‘Dynamic bond funds a better option than gilt’. quotes Suresh Sadagopan, CFPCM
   'Money back plans good if you need periodic returns’ by Sushil Jain, CFPCM
   ‘Take a Pragmatic Approach to Secure Child’s Financial Future’ quotes Mukund Seshadri, CFPCM
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  What's New
   Revised Fees of Registration, Certification and Examination effective 1st June 2015
   FPSB India: Profile of Board of Directors- 2015-17
   Assessment Year 2015-16 for CFP exams since 4-Feb-2015
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